My sweet little brother

Smile with me

Blood is thicker than the tears of the dead

Even though I see images of lost spelt in your eyes

Shuuuu! Don’t shed anymore tears

I will burry your nightmares in our mother’s grave

Breathe brother

Hold me tight until the sun comes out

I will sing freedom for your weirdly fiasco

Lamp a kerosene light in the midst of your darkness

We are the only two from the broken ribs of our mother

And we will walk through valleys and mountains to survive time

Shuuu! Patience brother

Although there’re tears in my eyes

But the Lord shall be our strength

You walk with your naked feet, in the sun, in the cold

Seeing thieves coming to snatch me away from you

Truth be told, I will be here for you

Truth be told, I will quench the vacuum of your soul with my Love

Just hold me tight, I will be both mummy and daddy to you

Mummy left us so soon

And daddy will one day too

But I will be here, to breathe dust and calmness with you

To be your slippers and your oxygen

Your defender and your clown

Breathe with me my brother, I will host you in my heart

I see you in my eyes and tears

Feel loneliness biting your youthful yet hungry skin

I will cloth you with my flesh

Shelter you with my rags of a pieces

You will see, we will be joyful in God’s finest grace

We will not be left to the mercies of this world’s residue

The shadows of death will not come for you

I am your soldier and I will forever fight your battles for you