What have you achieved from my brokenness?

A silenced lie marinated by your insecurities

Taking these bodies and giving them facades

Dancing to your own bitterness and lonely

Bowed heads reminiscing fear and lonesomeness

Are you a small village with a big mouth?

Ruining all my happy with your temper

What if I throw my spit in your face?

What if you drink my tears instead of coffee?

And blame me for the sadness you’ve caused

In a market full of stories that’d never happened

Breaking the bridges off our humanity

How about you flesh us with kindness

And perhaps a reason to glue us together

And give me a smile sent from your heaven

I am happy in my weariness

Wearing the garment of Love I’ve sewn

Made with materials that scream joy and truth

By a lover whose love remains fresh and funny

Life has shown me feathers of unfairness

At least I would say I haven’t fallen in Love

And like a seedling, I’ll be kind

And I’ll keep growing

And standing the test of time.