So you need me to bleach my language ?

Let my feelings be shamelessly uncomfortable

With your words that left me covered in scars


You, a house of cards burning in flames

A devilish brick smashing my glass window

Breaking everything delicate my heart feels

Drowning my sweetness with your brokenness

How dare me welcome you into my shoulders ?

Aiming to soften you with my tenderness

And how dare you insult my being?

And end up painting me into this sad poem


I am your sin ?

Me, A sunflower wilting in the “happy” sun

Fleshed in your scars and your devilishness

Don’t you have eyes that see my falling tears?

On early mornings seated next to your coffee mug

Coloured by the misery you have handed onto me

You can’t burry this heart that proves to be alive

Maybe breathe me back to life again

You a hurt person recruiting more callous hearts

Beneath it all I see kindness in your sarcasms

Thriving to be just as human as I am


Today I feast on your painful words for breakfast

I hope they don’t crumble and leave me stolen

By everything you are and everything you said

Voice too heavy to wake the dead from sleep

I said everything of something which means nothing

And nothing of everything that voices my humaneness on a cleaner table of two

But I have too much of you and still want you to stay?

I see where this goes

You are building me into a firehouse

I’ll end up burning your skinny ass.