Also we are children of the sun

A body floating on the skins of light

Crafting our emotions into garments to theatre

By people who have their tongues carved in good

Waiting to gently scar our existence as we realize

Children of a skin who don’t know who they are

The curtains closed so we rest our muscles

Trying to find enough in everything intangible

We are the universe we seek, individually

Moulding our shoulders turning back to nature

To bond our hearts and make peace of our now

Singing a song of hope waiting by the oceans

Remember we are the skin of light

I knew the heavens handed us safely here

In the vessels of our mothers, holding us gently

Asking us to keep count of all the turning tables

Of life, of me and you trying to find our true tribe

The truth is, we are a continent full of ourselves

The universe we seek is within us all, growing

Waiting for us to accept and birth our true joy

As we sit on the mats of our skins remembering