Have you ever let low yourself a river ?

Handcuffed in a felling of fraud to self ?

That of other people and that of you ?

Waiting on the shores of it all to bring you home

Alone to your happy

Brimming in yours hello

Eyes on the streets, on every face

You, someone’s someone

Living on love like it’s your salary

The mouth a gun, the tongue it’s bullet,

Sing me a song of your heart and of lust

You, someone’s someone

The sun sets and you embrace your lover

Does he make you feel whole again ?

In the midst of all these brokenness

Mouths that say I love you only in your face

And later follow the wind to someone else’s

When the day gets older, they move

To their younger lovers

I have seen with my eyes the heart of some men

Living by the hellos of the day, unbothered

Welcoming strangers into their sacred arms

All to fill in a hole, behind their lovers’ eyes

Every hole then becomes a goal, unseeded

You, someone’s someone, in prison with self

Loosing it all on another someone’s someone