Hearts as playful as two year olds

Dinning in the sun with melted believes

Praying that heaven is not as tangled as my sister hair

Haha I mean her jokes


So I choose to hand sew my own emotions

Each day, breathing with my palms searching

In the ends and beginning of babies I call poems

And with each poem I celebrate self’s journey

Embodying my hollowness into word-canvases

Painted for the hearts, and the ears that listen

Here, you educate your eyes

A journey waiting on a candelabra

Emulsification of selves into daybreak

There a thousand souls speak in tones

Milking every sweetness from the hours


And, if ever my body is to appear naked

I’d dress myself into a two faced poem

Add colors on my garments with these words

Smithy of feelings and emotions in queues


I hope today you thank your eyes for seeing

And if you’re ever to meet with your tomorrow

Hold him by the hands and introduce yourself

Feed your eyes with curiosity and ask questions

And waste it all in a book, keep this in your closet

And pray for the rains to come today, sooner

And if life let’s you down

Remember, you are a tree

You will grow up to become, each and everyday.