She lifts the midnight stars with her eyes

A body leaning on a thousand moonlights

Angella, my darling

Have you the eyes of peace to meet her ?

Dancing with the happiest fireflies only

Gently towards the coming of her midnight

On the directions to the restful heaven

Hearts as warmth as Dennis’s blue eyes

Here a thousand smiles awaits, unscripted

Unbiased, unapologetic, God’s masterpiece,

And each human dresses in utmost laughter

Jubilations of the Stars, the moon and Us

Waiting with our feet in the cool evening sea

Hands dancing to the clouds in ecstatic motions

The hearts found their excitement in the skies

Here everything grows calm like the sunflowers

As beautiful as the ones I call my darling

Yes, only a few beautiful souls I call my darlings,

We lay with our bellies pointing to the stars

Playing free in the open wind, full of our old joys

Beauty, a jewel on the neck of an Egyptian queen

Her feathers shine in ebony

The blackest you have seen

But what if I trick you with my use of pronouns ? Haha

Sitting on the skin of stones waiting for the sunset

Reclaiming our true selves, becoming like freedom

Tonight, me plus you equals our universe

Sitting hand in hand in the handsome moonlight

Once, like my two fathers’ smiles joined together

An after score of rainbows and hugging men

Sitting in our moonlight, just me and Love

Saying Moonlight baby, kiss me on my lips tonight.