The wait is a pain

It weighs like forever

Suddenly creeps in like a thief in the night

And leaves wrinkles on petals of sunflowers

The heart waits in the garden of memories

Seeking foreign emotions that would rekindle

Like the lanterns in the midst of the dark

Standing pretty and whole, witnessing hours

Beneath my silence, I need you to know this,

My heart is in relationship with your name

Longing for the return of your voice saying “I love you too”

The sweetness in these words might give me diabetes, haha

Scribbling everything retentively remembered

Eyes as sweet as Africa’s sugarcanes, longing

Holding each other’s surname close to our hearts

At this moment, death must not become of us

Time leaves us wrinkled in the face

Dinning in our memories, igniting dreams

Singing before us like crickets of the night

I held the day on her wrist and followed her

Maybe I meet you at the end of her wings

Trying to recreate the masterpiece we should be

The mind is able, so the hand tailors the dreams

Do you see me begin ?

A gallery of emotions weaved in your name

Silvered, waving to the beings of the oceans

I hope heaven visits us in our dreams

Enthralled by the kindness of our hearts

Asking us to forever live in her youthfulness

And Incase it does, what must we reply ?