Spider threads suddenly pull into strings

Strumming under the blueish skies

Beneath the re-planted apple trees

A thousand people stare

Tomorrow the cherry tree will bloom again

Her branches will dance in the air freely

Leaves will beat the ground, tight as a drum

When the evening comes, we will have

Lamb chops on every dinner table

Violins will fill the air with magic

Spellbindingly beautiful they’ll say

A beauty only the kind possesses

Cherished but abandoned

This garbage heap of a life rumored

Our shadows will follow their backs

To the seashells and warmed up faces of the sea

They’ll see our scars, they’ll envy all it’s beauty

Like the incense sticks

Scents of old-aged wine will emanate from within

Strangely beautiful to everyone’s breathing

Beaded for the face to smile in ecstasy

A sweetness only the heavens can form

Twitching with ease beneath a thousand eyes

Mesmerizing the stars, a reflect of the waterfall

The moon will shine forever on us

With echoes that’ll make my heart skip a beat

Filled with dreams of a new life unfolding

There’ll be no end to this spellbinding beauty