Fright twitches my heartache

“Am here now” he whispered

Let your spirit move within me

And find the gates to your old self

Here everything scary will vanish into thin air

Fervently asking the crickets to let you sleep

Twenty one years old, still a child scared of lonely

And if my heart were to wore a slippers

It would walk away to meet with his soul

Into the unknown, where nothing grows

My eyes see no farer than my heart believes

I think that age has stopped me, so strange

Crumbled the feathers of my life from levitating

Sometimes I let go and walk on the wilder sides

Wilderness from daybreaks

Here, I dream of summer

The beach sand between my tiny toes

Maybe now, my heart will feel something

And ask me to breathe back to life again

This feeling is a movement circulating so near

I am coming and I might not be easy to tame