Child come back, into being me

I miss your cheerful and innocent face

How happy you dance in the sunshine

Believed there was good in every smile

Free spirited, nothing beneath to bother you

Comfort me by being inside me

Release the wings of my joy to come to me

I will sing again, I will make things right

I will dance in the playground with other children

Unafraid of their mockery on how I walk and talk

Allow me yourself to come back here

Ploy me into your serenity joyously

And let lullabies lull me into sleep

You see I don’t want too much

I just need you back to living inside me

I missed that you were only sad for few minutes

Then your giggles will come from the playground

Bruised by concrete floors and smiling still

Unaware of the dangers of living on this planet

You never wore a mask, you lived a good show

Come back here and own me again

This feelings I long for, eternally, entirely.