This is me

This is you

Our beginning to how we end

3379 the colors of your closeted deviousness

Hiding behind the curtains, monsters in disguise

Tail ends my mother never knew, Shhh you’d say

I guess maybe my eyes played a song of a prey

Fueled with a dream, innocently believing in you

A father figure with a butcher’s two sided blades

Made my hands too heavy that they hurt to pray

Hiding all these in the mist of myself

Crumbling within the shades of quilt

Deteriorating with a heavy smile, Me

And Mr. You

You’d agreed you’ve ambushed me

What a beautiful little fool you’ve made me

Had me a toy and my body yours playground

Depressed by your lack of respectability for “us

3379, cheers to our beginning and to our end

Sketchy you, Sketchy me, behind closed doors

Now my mind is a scary earthquake

Following you into a valley of thin ashes

This is a piece of my feeling, more to come

I will invest every ink into how you’ve treated me

Of all the goods and the bad you’ve shown me

Take it all, the scooter, clothes, money and all

And I don’t have the heart to forgive you now

Lips that kept it all, played a song of silence

Confusing, but come to think of it

You can’t look me in the face to lay your confessions

I’ve laid a crown on your heart, free-spirited

Listened to you, betrayed myself for you

I thought you were different and yes you were

Different enough to bruise my emotions callously

And have scars in my memories scaring me

I am home and scared of the boy I am

I don’t want to live here, I can’t live here

I’ve changed and this place don’t know me anymore

And like Selena Gomez

“I needed to loose you to love me” to start free

Too much to say, yet to a few of you

3379. Old and Young. Cheers to new beginnings

3379. I hope love finds me soon and heals me.