I’ll let the tears slip from the corners of my eyes

Today, on these concrete grounds like rain

Sit in the playground, close to the trampoline

To be finally seen by everyone and everything

Let my vulnerability run deep like a river

This time I’ll betray myself to tell you


Rotten crowd with hungry eyes, Qui Vive

They’ll photograph me in their minds now

They’ll whisper “something’s behind curtains”

They’ll Haunt for reasons in the ways I blink

All-embracing definitions across the board

I hope they don’t find them too soon


Hurtful now, living in the veins of my sobriety

So we beat on, bodies against each other

Ceaselessly into not welcoming the past again

But how does a beat up body pick up itself ?

Bruised. Scared with regrets in the Mugo pine


First time, I lost it to you, afterwards I smiled

I spit your kiss in the sink, like to say fuck you

Scrubbed my body so hard and held on affinity

Genuflected and prayed, suffocated in what I did

Your face smiled, says it knew it found a toy

We played Rumi on sheets covered in blood

Applied ointment on my skin like a canvas

Like a rusted bicycle wheel to galvanize it again

Your eyes told me you didn’t feel a thing

I showed you myself and you denied it all

You see I lost it all to you, the second year

Naivety, I agree, I subscribed to it all with “ok


So I hid behind colors and words

The clock strikes and you dressed me in your music

To dance to the silence between my thighs

You said “I’ll make you happy, you’ll see”

By now you know your lips played a lie

And this time my goodbye means

Forever to never see you again.