My Dearly beloved

Each night my love goes out to find you

Feathers on my heart, rolling every stone

I lived consumed with the idea of your name

Entangled by the youthfulness of your face

My darling sunflower, my immortal beloved

Become my joy

Become my shine

Become my home

Write me your long love letters tonight

And send them to my heart’s address

My mailbox is in starvation to host you here

To feel all of you, to become yours smile

Knowing that forever begins with you and I

Become my one

Become my smile

Become my all

And when I find you

Hold me in the lights before every eyes

Have twenty years look like a day for me

Buried in your arms, sleeping in your embraces

Carve our names in your heart, this wouldn’t fade

And when we see, call me by your sweet name

And know it’s me and you till forever comes home