Tears of a heart

Smiles of an eye

Two little beauties, fell in the ashes of a dead

Of deafened laughters, oozing from a thin smoke

Cheeks begging for the sunlight of your face

Tears tasting like a bottle of shampaigne

Somewhere beneath my beauty a smile dies

Like a secret teased out of a giggle

I became a room full of myself

There is a sky with stars beneath my feet

Decorated by the depth of your unseen dimples

Know, you’re a little bit of God and a little bit of me

Mapping breaths in veins of words we speak

Beautiful like the sound of silence

Like tears falling out to celebrate love

I will read this poem to a planet of hearts

Speak like I belong to the echoes of a night

I’ll be a Candela you see, A night of stars

My soul tapping and gossiping the secrets I hide

Under my tongue

Quiver and creaks

Like my uncertainty

Chased by my a thief

I made love with the sound of silence

Chased my darkness with rays of hope

I did not choose words

They chose me to give lights to their meanings