Spill me through your tired eyes

I bear the pains of a disgorging mother

Whose knees assembles on the dirty soils

Tears manuring the seeds of wa grave

Struggles paving ways for more struggles 

Grasses don’t grow in heart of a mother’s heart

Her prayers left hanged in the closets of heaven 

The sun lashing her flesh with canes that slice deep

Save her breathe

Feed her pains by answering her prayers 

Her child weeps like the rains on her back

His cries thunders her faith

His sadness darkens her spirit 

His hunger kills her souls

And remember souls don’t die

She raises her hands to the skies

God please, toast your breast and send down milk

Her mouth and her child’s are bowls under you

She lives with the memories of a stolen joy

She lives swindling to the sounds of poverty

Mother, take my tears as charity

The barrels in my eyes have gone dried

I cry in the lost vacuum in her heart

I cry for the future of her sickened child

God break the storms and crack her pains

She is dis- disvirgined by poverty

Called to shame by her own lord

Take her tears as charity

Take my tears as charity

Or take the weepings of her child for sympathy