Breathe in with me

The luxurious gift of nature

A river flow of tranquility and freedom

Wealthy in satisfaction and beautiful in feeling

Quench the fire and the thirst of your heart

There is life in the souls of these beaches

A breeze of life and joy


It death your sorrows and birth inspirations

Embedded in the petals of flowers and gleeful birds

The skies as welcoming as the arms of Africa

In me the feeling of freedom comes to birth


Come with me

And breathe in the luxury of life

In these beaches that give a taste of peace

In the souls of this soils

In the hearts of the wind

The majesty of all your freedom

As the sun shines in me, the beauty of my being

Come breathe in the wealthiest of all breeze

In the Smiling Coast,

Under the breast of nature

There is life in the souls of these beaches

I think God lives here.