My Darling

Take this poem as a gift from my heart

On this glorious and fulfilling day

Birthing a season of warmth and cheers

Around the world as we all celebrate Love

With our families and the ones we hold so dear

Rest your arms around loved ones and smile today

Embed in lights, hearts, memories and hugs

Say “I love you” to all your sweet beloveds

And remind yourself of how beautiful you are

Remember Jesus came to love and so should we

On this magical day

I send a heart full of warmth to you

Beautiful and goldenly pure as your heart

Stretching wide and traveling far to you

Flying on an angels wings to your address

Wrapped with our memories and how far we’ll go

Strengthening our values and beliefs, I pray

May all our relationships have good in the center

May your life be joyous as the petals of sunflowers

May love, peace, and joy in your life forever stay

This is my heartfelt-loving Christmas wish for you