I thought “I love you” could renovate a heart

Make a lover stay and erase everything spilled

Bask into sunshine buttered in each other’s arms

Photographed retentively in each other’s eyes

A kind of love that needs no galvanization

Not after it has shamelessly rusted, even

A rusted mind

A callous soul

A wounded smile

Rumpling in echoes

Words passing through the gutters, unhindered

I’ve ignored the signs of the seas and sunflowers

Listened to myself through you, myopically

Every word that breathes out of your mouth

Every wind that blows west

Everything that’s never lived

Now my thoughts are scratched and scared

By your sharp ego that cuts deep like a sword

I have watched myself loose it all, for you

But now I don’t nod to your entanglements

To your “follow my advise” see I know better

I have now chosen myself

And I set myself free