Now my body is made to feel like an art museum

Transporting every split of fear into my adulthood

Weighing all the things I couldn’t let go off

And how I have shelled to protect myself

In the face of all the bullies whistled through me

A past rooted with pain, chains on my breathing 

Queer in my mannerisms, I come out today


To a language fading slow

A secret everyone knows

Heavy on my shoulders

Cultivating a goodbye

A voice that bleeds truth

Carrying my pains like art


One day I might not like to hide myself anymore

From all the cultural lies and crumbs am spooned

From all the “prayers that couldn’t help save me”

And all the rumors crowding in my name, these

Old wounds and broken jawlines surfacing

Allowing yesterday to still live in my eyes

And, when life rolls and happens tomorrow

I pray I don’t bear the seeds of that child anymore

Who is afraid of himself, whilst finding his way home.