I think of the Stars like I think of you

Buried in the skies like jewels in the night

I think of you each day

Like I think of sunflowers

Plant on each garden the memories of us

Gently as we walk down the valleys of life

And I free you to love me, to call me darling tonight

You and me, our souls uniting stronger each day

But do have eyes that search deep into me?

To find a home in all my shallowness

Drink from my cup of jokes and ecstasy

Giggle out loud like an innocent two year old

Sitting on the playground with his favorite toys

Surrounded with the kindest of love

And my darling, my secret lover

I need you to know

That I think of you each night

The same way I think of sunflowers

Precious, colored with life and happiness, you alone

Seen so many but the thought of you stays still

Like the unchangeable and unmovable seas

I think of you as much as life allows me to

Like the stars in the night

Like the sun in the skies

Like the water in the sea

Like the birds in the open

And I think of you trice more than you think of me.