And you will always be that dove

Who left imprints from first impressions

Pursed lips, feelings drizzling from the heart

Words finding excuses to dance from the tongue

There was meaning in your smiles and silence

The sky mirrors it, it was an earthshine


Hope built and spelled L O V E

I became the smiles of a thousand boys

Pressed into sunset, quenching my now

Wavering, to the rainbow I have become

I stand here in the midst of all these

Sipping silence like a cup of lemon-tea


Daydreams melt, like chocolate ice creams

But you stayed buried in my arms

Feels like a sun in the sky, a big hope

Hiding from earthshine to be owned

You make me feel like moonlight


I lay on your shoulders, like a pillow

Eyes in the skies, hands on your chest

And I whispered, let’s stay here forever.