I give you a hand full of light

To keep the strength in your heart alive

To breathe easy and come back to self

In giving a ray of hope to our humanity

Take a cup of tea and listen to some music

To elevate your spirit and give love to self


We must not let Corona serve as a vehicle for stereotyping

To divide the peace within our hearts and minds

Tough times ask for the unifications of hearts

Of me, of you, of everyone we love, far and near

This we can do even with distance put in check


Give someone a ray of light today

And don’t feed the misconceptions around you

In these dusty times we must be kind to ourselves

Check on the people we love, its about humanity

And believe there is light at the end of the tunnel

Let us keep the strengths in our bodies alive

Together we can, together we unite

Be kind and give hope to our world.