I have listened to myself,

Through all the words I have weaved

Serenade myself in the strings of their meanings

And to all the shades of emotions they have birthed

Mind in the skies, feet rooted in the deserted grounds


I have come from too far

To a place where I knew no one

To skin a dream and ride on its back

Grew eyes on every corner of this flesh

Alone and afraid, my heart in a luggage

And I have seen it all, all the highs and lows


Now I build a home for myself

For all the lost and all the wandering

Ushering their feelings to rest on my laps

Into witnessing a new daybreak, with me

I am a village full of everyone like me

With the need to escape and create


And to all the lows I have roughly reached,

That is unforgiven, I have seen myself through it all

Gave myself a gift of kindness and a sprinkle of love

The nights heard my whispers and hosted all my griefs

And the rains have blessed my soils, I am a new me now

But still I search for all the little things the little me wanted.