I ferry my life on my palms’ chest

Feeding sunflower seeds to my solitude

Transcending from every reclusiveness

And all these roots slowly lifting my freckles

Hived enough sunlight for all my healings

Telling myself,

In all my loving, I have loved alone

Navigating within the shades of my candor

Face dreaming, staring within the cracks

Cultures barb-wiring my heart’s ecstasy

Yet, you don’t see the harvests of my love

Still I arch on my forthrightness

Here, noting is mellowed or extinguished

Just my love feeding on someone’s love

But the way of loving is so wrong these days

Cruelly, letting love be a thing of currency?

Now I rendezvous silence from every lip

To furnish the shelves of my spontaneity

Unlearning everything fear taught me

Scouting within lines the meaning of life

Little by little

But the meaning of life is,

There is no meaning at all.