Now every silence surge like a balloon

condescending on the wings of tomorrow

A tree with a thousand tongues silenced

Hanging on the walls of our bedroom


We feast on words whose meanings we don’t know

Trying to soften the plane fields for our unbroken landings

Making each other feel lonely only because we wanted to

Eyes on the streets, searching into every loophole

A million questions hanging on the ceilings


I felt this, the eyes of my heart see you

But don’t cripple how I feel about you

I can’t be a bridge to all your passing

Or a parachute for all your debarkations


So, I gift a voice to the wind

And feet to every moonlight

Pillowed sunlight to my ease

Leveled our celestial points


I gift them a tongue too

Condensed with life

Seeds to a new daybreak

To bridge the fortieth’s empty

Coalescing like the still waterfalls

To shallow the fields of our equinox

As I go back to writing poetry again.