Now the skin is getting older

The world is colder away from home

And sunset hasn’t knocked on my doors yet

But spring stands behind the curtains of time


Each night dies with an echo

A heartbeat translated in a soil 

Weirdly pulling off the flesh of time 

Trying to make it appear sculptured

A sunset frozen by the hands of now


Shower happiness on my walls

Like a waterfall, like fruits falling off a tree

To unite with earth, a song of a new life

To empty the burden, the heaviness of my heart

I see hope in the ways your eyes blink today

It’s like the city skylights coming to life

Assembling sunrise on her tiny knees


Yet, I see so much in the air and I can’t breathe 

But I’ll still bring my laughter on the dinner table 

Joke about how life has slapped me in the face 

Say this, like it’s my last piece of moment


There is meat in the hope you give

With you everything comes to light

During this torn moments of life

Trying to keep self to self safely

To find out what we’ve become