This morning I heard the chirping of the birds 

Felt the scent of excitement emanate from within

There’s a rainbow reflection on the bathroom walls 

And my sunflower seeds has started sprouting 


I am gyrating to the music in my head

With a cup of tea held in my hands

Cayo my friend’s cat sits with me

Perhaps he thought I have some food

What a wonderful day to live on


The questions on my ceilings are answered 

Letting me cement all the empty grass fields 

Harvested every ray of sunshine 

Between nothingness and eternity 

To gift to my spirit and let him breathe 


What’s bottled is now let free in the air

To go parent the oceans and the wind

Dancing like fire making love with the wind

Letting my eyes feast on this sensation

I am smiling now, I am doing alright again


The day has come to hug me

To lay a pillow for my heart to sleep on 

The right people give medicine to the soul

Sunrise has called me by my name, sunflower 

I will sleep and dance by the light of sunrise

And do you realise, I am letting you into my diary.