One by one they fell

Until none remains


Colours and Lights

The feelings I carry 

Ashes of my delicacy 

Splattered on the chests


Distance furnished our rooms

Had us staring in the future

Now closure shelled us distanced

Too much veiling in the pauses


The shock of the new

Had me empty all my love 

A light in the attic, for you?

Special friends for the storms

As I still hide you in my poems

Feasting on crumbs of our memories


I loved to love you

Web you in my tiny arms

Fetch oceans of laughters with you

Let the berries of time fall gently on us

Now you are here, but not really here


Time dressed us in her wounds

Letting the berries of my heart fall

This is me, letting go of loving you 

But know, I’ll always be a good friend 

Whenever you look back.