I gift you a basket full of heartbeats

Smiles with roses growing on my front teeth

Tried to be funny, to accommodate your empty

Feasted on yesterday like it’s my last supper


I gave you love,

Even after I ran out of love for myself

Rubbed your ‘truth’ on my skin like an ointment

Words versus actions, each dying like a cigarette smoke

I see secrets in your eyes, spilling on the bathroom floors

Hiding, trapped in a web of oblivion without a sponge

Self-medicating through text messages, mind afar


I tried to find peace in changing my colors

Thoughts flowering in my mind, watered by you

Holding onto a ghost that will someday vanish?

A feeling that will never be parallel to yours


In all my living, I have seen

Some people “love you” with a shovel in their hands

Wearing masks so long to hide how they feel

And those masks layers into an extra skin

Ending up to becoming who they are


I’ve learnt,

To drink love from my own skin

Hug myself and warm my bones

Swimming into different waters

With hopes to come face to face,

With the kind of love,

I have waisted onto others.