I bend a river with my tongue,

To tell stories known to my eyes

Dragged voices from the throats of men

Who’d steal the moonlight for themselves only

Pill the truth off a crowd’s face and hang it on a rope

Flushing humanity down the toilet, heart of a raven


I have tried to alphabetically fathom

How people lay blankets on truths that are so visible

Make it seem like it was never there in the first place

With a smile painted on their faces, unashamed


Here my feelings lay naked, on cold stones

Ousting love off the menu

Singing to you my moonlight

Entrusting colors to the wind

Still scared of a goodbye

Breaking empires to gift to a lover

Who’d later stab you with a laughter


Throw a life in the air, make it stay

Tailor each sin on the skin of water

Let it run like the branch of an oak tree

To the ends of nevermore

Perhaps the sun will find us

In our hiding skins and crawl us home

Into fully accepting ourselves again.