I follow rivers

To meet their ends

Plant seeds of magnolias

Within their cracks, so

I can see the night bloom

And trade a life with God


Almond skin,

There is mud on my innocence?

A mouth itching with words, I am

Forgetting to manifest your light?


I am the roots,

I was there when time begun

Sold my diamonds for “love”

Gave a face to time and taught her kindness

Bowed shoulders, a generation of shields

With broken bones and clubbed smiles

Almond skins have seen it all, I was

Here, I am here, I am the roots of time


I am too young to know a heartbreak

Yet too old to bottle up silence,

Call me a barrel of emotions?

Folded like some marijuana joint

But who will make love to this emptiness?


When the sun rises again,

Where will you be?

Would you come for a hug?

And let your lips breaks,

The way my heart did,

Is it my turn to find you?

Within the rivers of tears we shed.