Meet me at my end

Between poetry and sunflowers,

Let the voice of your heart speak,

Turn every hurt into a metaphor,

And shield your heart with love


Meet me at the break of day

Between silence and chaos

And gift your mind the gift of peace

From everything that breaks your smile

And every feeling that’s dingily unhealthy 

Little by little, let it go

I know, letting go is tough 

But this time, let it all go


Meet me by the blink of night

Where silence has a voice of her own

Asking you to breathe through life

As you celebrate your newly found self,

In the new light

Let it go

Let him go


Release yourself from hurting

Release him off “loving” you

You will have my shoulders,

To fall into, to hold you up

And when all this is done,

You will feel like summer again.