The room is getting fuller

With someone else’s name

The vultures are here, staring at me

This time, I tile the floors with clairvoyance

Paint the wall with malignancies, the ones

You left hanging on the wheels of my mind


Trumpets called

Shit went left and I became sad, chapter closed

I am walking on water again, with someone else

Not you this time, I am forgetting who you are

The rooms I saved for you are getting smaller

Each day, still you say “I love you”

I wonder what these words mean


Dear you lover whose never got time,

Your name is in a quarrel with my mind

Would you come to save yourself?

In how I think of you

Is your Love quilted?


I’ve saved you so much of me

Now the waves are singing again

Your photo in my mind is vaporizing

I could’ve loved your nothing into something, but

Each day you show me you are not worthy of it

I thought I’d leave you with this, this is for you

When you love someone, you must act on it”

When you love someone, you set them free”

And you must not say I love you until it’s true”