Dreams on fire

Love in the cemetery

Tampons soaked with grieve

Last night I dug my father’s body from the grave

And held him in my hands for the longest time

Asking if this world has ever loved us back?


Tides have turned

Everything dies alone

Time is here to fuck us all

New lives will still unfold

Ocean tears leaching, I am

Giving Love his last meal tonight

Setting my heart on an eighteen wheeler

To shape melancholy into a new temple

Then dismantle it with a sledgehammer


I am

Writing a love letter to my penis

Thanking him for always being there

Apologizing for every clumsy cruelty 

For all his silent protests I’ve ignored

Sending him to sleep without lullabies


I am

Shrugging dust off my lilies

Sermoning these monsters

Breaking their devilish chains

Tattoo their egos on the sky’s backbone

Carry them home to teach them modesty

And if someone asks, tell them to go to hell


I am

Trimming deaths ugly fingernails

Giving love a final piece of my dance

Marooned, insisting here I come

Answers’ full of flimsy excuses

Hanging the past on the driers

Memories in the dishwasher

Photoshopping these feelings


I am

Too much voices flickering

My flickering know exactly how death taste

How she leaves a mess everywhere she goes

Break my jaws and stretch this loud tongue out

Use it as firewood to burn this body I call a city

Tell my siblings to not swipe the news tomorrow

If they ask about me, tell them I am finally home.