Scripted realities

Veiled symphonies

Every silence is a gun

Aiming for the soul, each time

For the nothingness to become you


Pick your poison

Every shine will fade-away

Leave you nursing a broken heart

A sorry cannot piece what’s broken

It stretches a wound into the casket

Crochets a city of hate around the tomb

And ask you to drown your righteousness


I am twenty one years too late

You are the rubble of my desires

Ocean’s eyes, some sculptural relief

Gently ebbing tides on roller coasters

Love will always asks for more tears

Sleeplessness sharp like a machete

Slicing deeper every time the night falls

When will time creep to close these shores?


Playgrounds will turn into prayer houses

Of promises that bend before the intend

Too much tombstone for earth tone men

Honey skinned, bruised by some ‘superiors’

Deteriorating at the triangle’s sharpest point

Is hate the role we are born to play?

Set kerosene on contentiousness?

What happened to our humanity?

What happened to love?

What happened to us?


Wisely, choose love over brokenness

There is no culture older than humanity

And If we must pick our poison,

Let’s pick love over hate

Love for self

Love for all


And let love be

Stronger than ego.