Can you feel its presence?

Life is alive in everything

A million words breathing

In every silence

Every twitch

Every word


Hammered bones, shredded spines 

I have told stories to my eyesights

Before the slaughterhouses

Hide my joys in the closets

I have too many closets

Some with stonecutters

Some with just me







I ferry the past within me

Stabbed peace in the eyes

Slowly I begin to wilt in the inside

Will time come to position my bones?

Fix this thorny heart made of softness

My love, my brokenness, my skin

They are in need of some genuine love today

But really, do these words smell like incense?


Anthem of a broken body

What’s freedom with a rope,

Tied around my pursuit for self

Drowning my lips with metaphors

Too heavy, too poignant, too hightailed

That they drown in someone else’s grave


Touch my palms, don’t they jitter?

I have longed silenced my sunrise

Sunroofs on my sunrooms, I’ve

Prayed for light every night

Not knowing

I am a candela.