Heavy eyes

Ears waiting for silence

It’s been two complete nights

That my eyes haven’t shut to rest

I am told to be careful, that my

Roommate has mental issues


Now, Shenan

He never sleeps at night, so

He keeps a phone and a box of cigarette

Smoking and talking the house down

Each time, even when we try to sleep

My sensitivity hates, hates these two

I feel for him, and I feel sorry for myself too


Now my comfort edges like a machete

Smoke in my nose, my body a waitstaff

As if I haven’t gotten enough to endure

Enough brokenness laid on my plate

Tears gathering in my eyes as I write

I have complained too many times

Sent too many emails

Still, nothing happened


I feel tired

I feel restless

I feel resentful

I am afraid, His trees will

Soon drop seeds on my soils.