Sail on all my spontaneousness

Like tweedle dee and tweedle dum

Like macaroni and cheese salad

I’ve got love for two

And if you say yes


For breakfast

I’ll serve you kisses and cakes

Massage your feet with milk and honey

Keep you, from slipping down the stairs

But if you sleep on my heart

I will bite you in the buttocks

Roll you down the stairs like spring rolls

Introduce you to my maybe next time lover

Then make you apologize on your knees


I will make you salmon for lunch

I will make you steak for dinner

And have you have me for dessert

But if you shock my kindness

I will scold your soul in the neck

Then make you buy me sunflower seeds

And apple flaps, and chicken wings too


I will save my heart in the fridge, for you

So it is me you feel when you are home

I will trust you with the keys, with your lonely

Still, I will leave my eyes on the door handles

And if you play hide and seek with my love

Oops! the frying pan will kiss you in the face


Like the joker, I will be kind if you make me

Like John Legend, I will give you all of me

Entirely, eternally, endlessly, all of me for you

Write you poems, songs and dance for you always


I will take you to meet my gay friends

But if you ask for their phone numbers

I will flush your phone down their toilet

Ignore you for two minutes, straight

And when we get back home, I will

Have you dance naked, till sunrise.