You dig those holes

In your tiny sorries

Stabbed love in the eyes

Mould it naked like his silences


You carry a handful of yesterday

Wrapped them in today’s gift box

To send to his address

To buy his forgiveness ?


You keep eyes on his mind

And on your lips played a song

On your heart lives a few notes

Of all the heaviness your water, you

Wore his expectations on your new lover

Like Versace on the skins of a starving orphan

Truths bleeding on the wrong hands again

Love for someone else rises like a phoenix


He is tired of hearing

The same sorries over again

Fueled by the same old heart

The heavy smell of your egos

And the promises you’ve made

Waiting keeps a heart dying


You don’t want to lose him

Yet you have moved on

Left him behind like a sock

So he called you a narcissist


Now his heart burns like charcoal

There are so many holes in them

He sees you at the end of it all, still

He holds you by the strings of his heart

Filling laughter with the body of silence


God’s eyes are on vacation

So his heart questions your love

He made a home out of someone

Who doesn’t love him back today.