Skin my bones with honesty

As my heart sinks on it’s knees again

Begging for the sunlight in your face

Freeing one caged bird to cage one

Soiling on my sensitively

Making art with my tears


We’ve waged a battle on our skins

Promises stabbed in the eyes

Disintegrated smiles

Ice cold evenings

Drowning by the sea

Welcoming new changes


You wanted the best from me but not all of me

How do I assemble my legs to walk to you

Bowed shoulders falling like waterfall

Shrugging, why my face feels heavy

Heaviness is a word I was born to ferry

I can’t but fall in love with my own sadness

It’s meats allow me feel I am just the human I am


But Incase these shoresides stay

Hosting the skins of our memoirs

Heartaches sharpened

Sleeplessness at its age

As my eyes welcome sunlight


I dress my bones with the skin of your words

Velvety tears, honesty’s sleeves, truthful hats

But if I’d learnt my lessons, I do know

The devil was once an angel too.