Beguiling, yes here I come

Carrying the fruits of time on my hammock

Smiling like the sun would when God asks it to

Mr. Frank, have you seen my moonlight I asked


Lavender and bergamot scents in my name

Peace still brushing through my innocence

Braiding my life to feel like sunrise

Eyeshadows living on clandestines

Recycling thoughts like plastic


My past is an unfinished painting hanging

With a mouth itching like an open wound

But I don’t want to finish living this painting

It’s too rough and paved with bleeding stones

So I drowned the past me because I love me


Confetti cheering

Vanity exiting these chapters

I am everything I am, was once

I am everything I am becoming

Including birds, the beach skies

A serve me all butterscotch child

A glass of champagne, I am

My ancestors wildest dream


But if anyone asks who I am

Tell them I look like sunrise

But who I truly exist to be

Globed like butterscotch

Still unveils.