The not so silenced leaks

Letting all her goodies out

Some running, some stagnant

Some heaped like supermarket veggies

Remember every sugar, every charm is a magnet


Old town railroads renewed

Dispatches from virgin offshores break

Funky foods, candid appetites, everyone

Listening, ready, knees on their front marks


You, fetch your truths within the lies told

Cut from the same fabric a piece of self

To wear as uniform, on your new charm

Oil your feet, keep your last coin in your socks

Wear your old boots and hug your grandmother


When you arrive there, drop the innocence

Pick every bitterness from these sugarcoats

Gently, lay your soul to rest on these pillows

Keep an eye open, Incase any hanky-panky


Somewhere, deeply rooted within calls your name

Asking you to remember the seeds that birth you

Tell yourself, sugar and charm are magnets too

The trees will find you, the winds will whisper


Home is a mug of fresh mint tea with honey waiting 

A sweetheart, calling you to come back to her breast

A place that knows you, and you know too

Remember the foods, also the pain


But if the sugar melts and burns your skin

And you can taste lies in these sugarcanes

And life squeezes from the tiny pores

Set fire to this poem

Forget I wrote this.