I peeled the skins off your truths

To wear it on the face of my generation

To find you breathing underneath all it’s marks


Your skin on my skin, your name on my heart

You are a world of names

And I am just their vessels


My hands tremble out of loneliness

They’ve forgotten the company you taught them

They remember the warmth of your kindness


My tongue stretches into a table

That knows only how to pray, carry your strength

And that of the joyous spirits of the older women


My eyes have ballooned into the skies

Whose only purpose is to lift your memories

They’ve seen your smiles penetrating from afar


My mind has photographed every piece

Of your being, your light, your laughter, us

In the ways the heavens can only dream of

The angels are envious, of your son’s prayers


And father

Whenever I say I love you

I mean there is no other love that beats this Love.