Frank has laugh lines

A voice stolen from God himself


Frank tells jokes his friends understand

Keeps a long smile standing on his face


Frank says paramitasol instead of paracetamol

This makes my stomach laugh


Frank forgets to unlock the car doors for me

Always, then laughs like the happy orchestra

And says “Oh I am too clumsy


Frank has a beautiful little garden house

Sensitively styled, with colors that breathe joy

A fireplace that keeps his smiles so warmed


Frank loves to dance

Uhm, but he is not a very neat dancer

Lol!. Frank says he loves me, so dearly

He is the friend everyone should have


My friend Frank

He loves the Friesian flag, wholeheartedly

He says the feeling it brings him is priceless

He says I deserve a friesian name too, I wait


Frank has friends, very kind and honest like him

Frank celebrates his birthday everyday, lovingly

This means joy

This means love

This means hope

This means truth.