We’ve picked ourselves

From the stream’s edges

Time has passed us there, and told us nothing

We laid hands on our heads and began to sob

Eyeing into the crowded stars in the skies, again


We’ve let our silences be touched by gold

And each time we think of our crowned roses

We wear the cute smiles our childhood gave us

Oh! but dead afternoons don’t meet the sunrise

To make us embrace the beauty our eyes forget

So! forgive us for we have forgotten to truly live


The black skies might prey on us tonight

Thief us off the bodies we’ve proudly built

Oh! yes, we who have lived only by living

Have forgotten the gifts nature handed us

So we let boys like Ablie teach us a thing about joy


With our feet buried in the sand

We throw our busy hands into the wind

As if it were some land inherited from our fathers

They must be laughing! watching us from heaven


Tomorrow will come, we will walk the tiny paths

To pick up the sunflower seeds summer left us

This time we’ll be reminded to remember our gifts

Teach our lips to thank the soils and the skies

Living entirely grateful


But what promise do we give tomorrow?

I do know, that I trust Julie with my tomorrow.