I walked out, possessed on love

Gunpowder in my mouth, escaping my lips

Preying on the black clouds, like some cool beast

I’ve seen eyes, selflessly in love with destruction

Sitting on the laps of time, absorbing moonlights 


I’ve spilled my all, on the plain castles from afar

Played my hitch on the stones, strike after strike

Feeding dissonance to the nakedness of a void

Whiles my father’s love, flows like the streams

I have seen the evil whistle, ”what a lonely thing

A boy like you is no boy at all


I have hugged the people who warmed me

Shred a thousand skin to become this person

I have grown thicker bones on my fist

Angry and soft and kind upon love

A boy like me is no boy at all


Armed with words and smiles

I aim with my ripened stanzas

Shaped into bullets, light after light

I know how to tame fire between lines

How to immortalise kills into metaphors

A boy like me, is certainly no boy at all


Soft bodies living cold, yet loving I am

There is no explanation to how I feel

I have changed and still remained me

But really, what was I thinking I’ll be

A boy like me is no boy at all


I wear new skins again

And I have come to realise

Good people become dangerous

When you kill the things they hold so dear.