I am a burning city

In love with the wind

Feeding voices to the silence

Hiding, yet another man’s tears in my eyes


My mother, she says I feel too much

I looked into her eyes and said, Ma

Too much is all that’s left to feel


I am a boy, carrying

Too many dead cities on my shoulders

The dead knows how to love me bare and dusty

How to wear a smile on my face each time I fall

How to lead my mind in finding peace in silence

I pledge my allegiance to her alone


Tilted crowns, standing

On ashes of demolished cities

Conquering everything that breathes


I have been a slave to the living

They know how to make soup of my tears

How to weave expiration into my laughter

So I curse them in every language I speak


When I hit roller coasters

I’ll bow my all to the moon, she’s a good lady

She knows how to build me into another city

I shall not ask to breathe living into the dead

I shall leave the dead be dead and take rest


This time

I must remember to change my name

They must call me flames

Because I will colonize everything I touch.