The nights’ sweat

The light didn’t come to save us

From ourselves, she came ready

With a season that will itch us to the bones


The eyes hunger

For something that delineates newness 

Leaves tints of promises on the waters

The soul feeds on the smiles the past left

The crumbs for a second chance stay afloat 


I found you

Before it all drenched

You were too far away from here

Wrapped in my father’s new warmth?

And into some endlessness, a baritone 

Lay in my bed of silence, find some comfort 

Shhh! the future has eyes that will look after you


You’ve not gotten any more nightmares

Yet, or have you, tell me

Of vultures that parade

To sing at your funeral 

Oh! they will be shamed

Knowing you’ve thrived


Thank you 

For filling in those shoes

For standing up in the mornings, unmasked 

For being unashamed of your truth, your voice

And giving life another breath, another good fight.