I watch him

Fight his way through dance

Black roses pinned on his T-shirt

Folding his entire life, dumping it in a box


That very moment

Unanswered questions clouded the ceiling

One day he will fly away and never come back

This is what his eyes say

This is where his mind is


Black ego

Black roses

Black clouds upholding


Conversations on strings

A horse with no name

Allow him, let him down gently

He is a dancer finding his feet

On the feminine realm, on the sky’s free


Black eyes

Black presence

Black body withers on the kitchen floors

Trying not to kill self, but something within


Let him whisper again

Blood is ticker than water

But peace must be thicker than blood

Let him breathe, let his hand in his pockets

I hope he finds himself waiting there


Allow him to live

Allow him to escape

Allow him to become.